TENORS is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network / Joint Doctorate (2024-2028), offering 15 PhD positions that are expected to start in September/October 2024.


TENORS participants represent a multisectoral spectrum comprising of highly active research groups at top-level universities and at renowned research centers whose expertise encompass all these areas from algebraic geometry to quantum science with researchers in private companies (Artelys, HSBC, BlueTensor, etc.)


TENORS is gathering, at the European level, the skills of renowned experts to achieve its ambitious scientific objectives, to advance technologies in emerging domains and to train new experts in the computing methods of the future.


TENORS will offer an excellent opportunity for career development to the young doctorate researchers that the network will train.


TENORS offers international dimension by developing partnerships and joint/double degrees with other research institutions or companies in different countries.


TENORS stands for Tensor modEliNg, geOmetRy and optimiSation and is a four-year project financed by the HORIZON–MSCA-2023-DN-JD of the European Commission under the Grant Agreement No 101120296. It starts in January 2024 and will end in December 2027. TENORS is coordinated by Inria d'Université Côte d'Azur; it brings together 11 beneficiaries and 10 associated partners from across Europe.


TENORS offers 15 Phd theses starting from 2024 (Recruitment announcement)

TENORS is aimed to conduct advanced research that addresses critical challenges in the field of tensor computation, and to feed an innovative and ambitious PhD program to train highly qualified young scientists in new scientific and technological knowledge.


With 11 beneficiary partners and 10 associated partners, TENORS is a large project.