Project Plan

Tensors are ubiquitous and multi-form in scientific computing, but the current techniques have some limitations, such as the lack of precision, scalability, adaptability or fine analysis, that requires new dedicated investigations.

The methodology, envisioned in TENORS, is to combine expertise and to integrate approaches from different areas of mathematics, data science, computational engineering and physics to develop new computation paradigms and new powerful levers to tackle these challenges in tensor computation and modeling, and to augment the practical impact of tensor methods. TENORS join together in a unifying way,forces from algebraic geometry, global optimisation, numerical computation,high performance computing, data science, quantum physics.

Our research program, mirrored by our training offer, is articulated around 3 scientific Work Packages (WPs).

  • WP1 Geometry of Tensor Spaces
  • WP2 High Performance Algorithms for Tensors
  • WP3 Tensor Based Applications

The non-scientific Work Packages consist of :

  • WP4 on Training and Networking
  • WP5 on Communication and Dissemination
  • WP6 on Management

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