DC Projects

The PhD topics on TENORS are listed below. For how to apply see here.

ESR Host institution Phd Enrolment Project Title Advisors
DC 1 Inria UCA, UniTN Geometry of extensor varieties (WP1) B. Mourrain (Inria), A. Bernardi (UniTN)
Mentor: F. Lucca (BlueTensor)
DC 2 Inria UCA, UniFI Low-rank approximation for tensor modeling
A. Mantzaflaris (Inria), C. Giannelli (UniFI)
Mentor: Micha ̈el Gabay (Artelys
DC 3 CNRS UT3, UKON Tropicalization of moment relaxations for tensor decompositions (WP2) M. Skomra (CNRS), S. Kuhlmann (UKON)
Mentor: M. Gabay (Artelys)
DC 4 UKON UKON, UniFI Cohomology of tensor varieties
M. Michałek (UKON), G. Ottaviani (UniFI)
Mentor: M. Schweighofer (UKON))
DC 5 UKON UKON, UCA Tensor decompositions for sums of even powers of real polynomials (WP1) S. Kuhlmann (UKON), B. Mourrain (Inria)
Mentor: C. Riener (UiT)
DC 6 MPG U. Leipzig,
U. Tilburg
Gibbs manifolds and semidefinite programming (WP1) B. Sturmfels (MPI), S. Telen (MPI), M. Laurent (NWO-I)
Mentor: Georgios Korpas (HSBC)
DC 7 UiT UiT, UCA Tensor decomposition with group invariance (WP2) H. Munthe-Kaas (UiT), C. Riener (UiT), E. Hubert (Inria),
Mentor: Florian Str ̈ohl (UiT)
DC 8 UiT UiT, UKON Tensor optimization for storage integration (WP3) C. Bordin (UiT), C. Riener (UiT), M. Schweighofer (UKON)
Mentors: Julien Moisan (Arva), Sigurd Bakkejord (Arva), Inga Sets ̊a Holmstrand (Arva).
DC 9 UniTN UniTN, UCA Algorithms for Tensor Decomposition (WP2) A. Bernardi (UniTN), A. Oneto (UniTN), B. Mourrain (Inria)
Mentor: Federico Lucca (BlueTensor)
DC 10 UniTN UniTN, U. Leipzig Geometry of tensor network varieties for quantum condensed matter physics (WP3) I. Carusotto (INO-BEC, CNR), S. Telen (MPI)
Mentor:S. Mansfield (Quandela)
DC 11 UniFI UniFI, UCA Geometry of Hermitian tensor spaces (WP1) G. Ottaviani (UniFI), Yang Qi (Inria), B. Mourrain (Inria)
Mentor: E. Rubei (UniFI)
DC 12 NWO-I U. Tilburg, UT3 Approximation hierarchies for quantum entanglement detection (WP3) M. Laurent (NWO-I), V. Magron (CNRS)
Mentor: M. Almeida (Quantinuum)
DC 13 CTU CTU, UT3 State preparation of matrix-product operations (WP3) J. Mareˇcek (CTU), D. Henrion (LAAS), M. Korda (LAAS)
Mentor: G. Korpas (HSBC Lab), E. Blokhina (Equal1)
DC 14 UPC UPC, UT3 Tensor and polynomial optimisation for quantum information networks (WP3) A. Acin (ICFO), V. Magron (LAAS)
Mentor: S. Mansfield (Quandela)
DC 15 Artelys UCA, UiT Constrained Optimization with Low-Rank Tensor Approximations (WP2) F. Oztoprak Topkaya (Artelys), M. Gabay (Artelys), B. Mourrain (Inria), C. Riener (UiT)
Mentor: A. Mantzaflaris (Inria)

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